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Miniature aging room
  • Miniature aging room

Miniature aging room

The aging room, also known as the burning machine room, is a high-temperature and harsh environment test equipment for high performance electronic products, an important experimental equipment to improve product stability and reliability, and an impor ...

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Aging room, also called burning room, simulation is for high-performance electronic products give a kind of high temperature, bad environment testing equipment, is one of the important experimental equipment to improve product stability, reliability, and is the production enterprise important production to improve product quality and the competitive process, the equipment is widely used in power electronics, computer, communication, biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.
Aging room, also known as high temperature aging room, cooker room and burning machine room, is for high performance electronic products (such as: computer complete machine, display, terminal
Machine, automobile electronic products, power supply, motherboard, monitors, switching charger, etc.), the simulation of a kind of high temperature, bad environment testing equipment, is one of the important experimental equipment to improve product stability, reliability, and is the production enterprise important production process to improve product quality and the competitive, the equipment is widely used in power electronics, computer, communication, biological, pharmaceutical and other fields.According to the requirements of different configuration subject system, the main electrical system, control system, heating system, temperature control system, wind, temperature, time control systems, test load, etc., through this test to check out the bad product or bad thing, nor is a customer provide effective means to quickly find and solve problems, to fully improve customer production efficiency and product quality, also is for switching power supply, mobile phone chargers, batteries, LCD, main machine, scanner, monitor, and leds, biological equipment, such as interface card and so on do a load or temperature aging test equipment, the equipment outside frame structure with heat preservation library board compartment,With the main distribution box, test rack, all kinds of electric switch, temperature controller, timer, heating heater, plate frame, sliding door, circulation fan, exhaust fan, socket and other equipment to simulate a kind of high temperature, bad environment (40 ℃ -- 70 ℃ + / - 5 ℃, power ON - OFF action, etc.), make the product in this environment to simulate the load power, test time can be arbitrarily set at 0-99.9 hours, through this test procedure can be found to bad product or bad parts, is necessary for process, quality control equipment.As the performance and environment of the aging room must guarantee the required temperature, power supply quality, load capacity, working time and the safety and habits of operators, etc., a set of qualified aging equipment should be a set of safe and reliable, efficient energy-saving, fully functional and extensible equipment.
Application: widely used in power electronics, LED, automobile electronics, computer, communication, bio-pharmaceutical and other fields.
Suitable for electronics, plastic products, electrical appliances, instruments, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials, aerospace, medical care...For quality control of products.
Room isolation
The room size of the aging room with room isolation is designed according to the customer's requirements. The door is equipped with thermal insulation sliding door or double-open thermal insulation door, and observation window can be set according to the need to facilitate indoor product testing.If power supply is required, power socket shall be installed at a convenient location to meet the requirements of product aging test. Features: low requirements for product style and car style, large activity space, simple structure and low cost.
Chamber isolation type
Chamber aging room size is designed according to customer requirements, test area USES sliding door and large visual glass window, if the product needs power supply, then use the domestic famous brand socket fixed in the product line slot or fixed in the test area convenient operation position.Features: the operator can test the product up and down without entering the test area of the aging room and can see the B/I status of the product at a glance during the test process;The operator can avoid the suffering of overheating of the building body when entering the aging room and save energy.
The mobile aging room is processed into finished products in our company (if the required volume is too large, it will be assembled on the customer's site), and the size of the trolley will be designed according to the customer's requirements.Suitable for low output or small batch test of r&d test products, other parts are similar to Chamber test system, features: small area and can be moved at any time
1.Accurate temperature control and high accuracy.Due to the unique air duct system design and electrical control system, the temperature of the whole room can be maintained high uniformity, much higher than similar products.
2.Room temperature range is wide and continuously adjustable.Within the scope of normal temperature + 25 ℃ -- 85 ℃ can be arbitrarily set.If the customer special request, may design the higher temperature product.
3.The system has complete protection function, which can ensure the safe and stable operation.
4.The laboratory's structure design is advanced and reasonable, and the supporting products and functional components have the advanced level of the peers, which can adapt to the long-term, stable, safe and reliable production demand.It can meet the processing and production requirements of users for the above purposes, and is easy to use, operate and maintain, with a long service life, beautiful appearance and a good user interface, which makes the operation and monitoring of users more simple and intuitive.
5.The main parts of the equipment are the high quality products of famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad to ensure the quality and performance of the whole machine
6.Beautiful appearance, convenient construction, short construction period.
Aging room is a product for high-performance electronics simulating device of high temperature, bad environment, is one of the important experiment improve stability, reliability, electronic products tools, is the production enterprise important production process, to improve product quality and the competitive therefore aging room must also ensure the stability of its own, it must be of high quality, safe and reliable, after to cope with the demand for the development of production at the same time, it also should be flexible, open, have a certain extensibility.Aging room has the following characteristics:
1. Practical and stable products:
The parts used in the aging room products are all products that have been tested in the market for many years and are generally accepted by the market. Most of them are imported or joint venture products. Our thousands of choices guarantee the stability and aging resistance of the whole machine products in use.
2. Advanced technology and maturity:
With advanced and mature technology and equipment, we can create a product with low failure rate, high stability and good cost performance, which can make customers feel at ease, with ease and happy.
3. Safe and reliable operation:
The aging room products are equipped with over-temperature sound-light alarm, non-melting wire protection switch, high-temperature wire, explosion-proof bulb, selective exhaust and exhaust air system, smoke alarm, etc., to fully protect the safety of electronic products and peripheral environment equipment.
4. Beautiful appearance and generosity:
The aging house product design is reasonable, the details are handled properly, the exterior matches stainless steel to wrap the edge, the interior USES the high quality aluminum profile inner round corner to wrap the edge, the whole machine is beautiful, generous.
5. Environmental protection and energy conservation:
The aging house product fully takes into account the environmental protection and energy situation in today's world in the design, in the component selection, more reasonable, fully meets the modern enterprise environmental protection, energy saving requirements.
6. Mute:
The aging room products are equipped with high-quality fan components and reasonable air duct circulation system. Under the working condition, the sound will not exceed 55db, giving operators a better working environment and production environment.
7. Convenient expansion and relocation:
The aging housing products fully take into account the fact that your company needs larger size or changing places due to its faster development. When assembling or moving, the whole engineering and equipment are modular, more reasonable, easier to operate and do not cause repeated construction and waste.
8. Free software upgrade:
Aging room products in the software upgrade, more convenient, faster, and free.
9. Unified standards:
The aging house products, in the system structure and design principles, fully consider the related standards in the related fields, including the ontology standards, electrical standards and so on.
Relevant standards are:
Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products GB/ t2423.2-2001
Code for low-voltage distribution design gb50054-95
Specification for power supply and distribution design gb5002s2-95
Code for construction and acceptance of grounding devices in electrical installation engineering gb50169-92
Grade of combustion performance of building materials
Code for acceptance inspection of construction quality of ventilation and air conditioning engineering
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