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Three comprehensive test boxes
  • Three comprehensive test boxes
  • Three comprehensive test boxes

Three comprehensive test boxes

The three comprehensive test boxes mainly provide the environment of temperature and humidity change for scientific research and production units such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics and communication, etc. Meanwhile, ...

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Brief introduction to the three comprehensive test boxes:
Three comprehensive test boxes, is the comprehensive temperature, humidity, vibration of the three functions of the test box.It has the function of fast temperature change rate, providing the comprehensive test environment of temperature, humidity and vibration. 
Three comprehensive test cases
Three comprehensive test chamber is mainly for the aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, electronics, communications and other scientific research and production units with environment temperature and humidity changes, at the same time, will electric vibration stress in test box on the sample (s) applied to the cycle by the regulation, for users of the machine (or parts), electric appliances, instruments, materials such as temperature and humidity, vibration stress screening test, the sample (s) in order to test the adaptive or to try.Compared with single factor, it can reflect the adaptability of electrical and electronic products to the combined environment of temperature, humidity and vibration during transportation and actual use, and expose the defects of products.
Composition of three comprehensive test boxes:
The three comprehensive test boxes are composed of the following parts: test box body, motion connection system, control system, cooling/dehumidification system, heating/humidification system, air duct system, etc.
Three comprehensive test box implementation standards:
Standard design, manufacture and measurement such as gb10586-89, gb10589-89, GB/ t2423.3-93, iec68-2-3, gb2423.1-89, iec68-2-1 test A cold, iec68-2-30, GB/ t2423.4-93 test Db, etc.
Machine type: szh-* p-a (B, C, D, E)
Test area size :(W * H * Dcm) customized according to customer requirements
Range of working temperature: 100 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (+ 150 ℃) (A: 0 ℃, B: - 20 ℃, C: to 40 ℃, D: - 60 ℃, E: - 70 ℃)
Relative humidity range :20% ~ 98%RH
Observation window size: 270 by 320 (or depending on the size of the box)
Litre cooling rate: p 1 ℃ ~ 1.5 ℃ / min (linear or nonlinear)
Temperature uniformity: 2 ℃ or less (40 ~ 100 ℃)
Temperature fluctuation degree, plus or minus 0.5 ℃
Humidity control accuracy :+2/ -3% RH
Refrigeration: mechanical refrigeration/air cooling or water cooling
Power supply: ac 380V plus or minus 10%, 50Hz plus or minus 5HZ, three-phase five wire system
Vibration table: thrust 1 ~ 300KN, frequency 5 ~ 5000HZ, displacement 16 ~ 51mm, test load 2 ~ 1000Kg, working table diameter 150mm (as required).
The whole machine structure
Combined structure of laboratory and refrigeration system, the vibration console is operated independently, easy to operate, and the insulation material of vibration interface ensures the temperature tightness effectively.
The above technical data are 20 + / - 5 ℃ at room temperature, water temperature 25 ℃, cooling water pressure is 0.15 ~ 0.3 MPa, relative humidity 85% r.h. or less, constant temperature for two hours.
Three components of comprehensive test box system:
The three comprehensive test box is composed of the following parts: test box body, motion connection system, control system, cooling/dehumidification system, heating/humidification system, air duct system, etc.
1. Test box body
Inner box material: SUS#304 stainless steel plate with high and low temperature resistance.
Outer box material: SECC high and low temperature resistant steel plate plus powder baking paint to increase appearance and cleanliness.
Insulation layer: high strength PU foaming and high density glass fiber cotton can avoid unnecessary energy loss.
Single door, open from right to left.
The test door and the body adopt high-tension sealing strip which can withstand high and low temperature to ensure the sealing of test area.
Temperature-measuring body: the original imported PT100 probe sensor (which can be selected and equipped with Swiss integrated temperature and humidity sensor) adopts CNC digital working mother machine to form the box. The circular arc shape is beautiful and generous, and the flat non-reaction handle is adopted for easy operation.The supplementary water tank is placed in the lower part of the front side of the control box, and the design of external pull type water tank facilitates the operator to replenish water.Large observation inspection with lighting to keep the inside of the box bright, and the use of heating body embedded glass, at any time to maintain a clear observation window conditions.There are two 50mm diameter test holes on the left and top of the box body, which can be used for external test power line or signal line.
The bottom of the machine is provided with high quality movable wheels for fixation and movement.Two stainless steel adjustable trays are used in the test area.The drainage system USES vortex and U - shaped sedimentation device to drain water.The anti-perspiration mechanism is treated with the heat energy of system K tube.
Acrylic control panel.
2. Motion connection system:
The whole test box is fixed on the lifting platform that can move horizontally, up and down, up and down, so that it is convenient for the test box to be connected with the shaking table for the comprehensive test of temperature, humidity and vibration.Lift platform level maximal displacement 2500 ㎜, lifting up and down the biggest span 1200 ㎜, maximum lifting weight lifting platform 2 t, equipment weight of 1 t or less.Test box at the bottom of the box body is connected to the vibration table reserved the activities of the interface, the interface sizes ф 200 ㎜ a vertical vibration (do), 1000 x 1000 ㎜ a horizontal vibration (do), the test chamber and the vibration table outlet left for vertical vibration table table, generated when the horizontal vibration displacement enough space, in the chamber at the top of the reserve have decompression mouth, so that the buffer vibration table, the vibration test in the increase of pressure.The interface connection between the test box and the vibration table and table is made into circular (square) corrugated pipe with the organic composite material resistant to high and low temperature.
Has high strength, high flexibility, high sealing, high insulation resistance, and can long-term high and low temperature resistance, good wet seal body, adopt double seal, the sealing effect is good, the test chamber is equipped with three pieces of blind flange, adopt different blind flange can be respectively do high and low temperature vertical vibration test, high and low temperature horizontal vibration test and separate temperature and humidity cycling test, due to the blind flange is heavier, in order to facilitate replacement of blind flange, optional equipment has the mobile car, three car height and test the bottom flush, when need to replace the blind flange, blind flange that will change with the car down chamber interface, can be easily replaced.When the test box is connected with the shaking table, the test box automatically moves horizontally to the connecting position of the shaking table, and then rises and falls to the connecting position of the interface according to the required height. Then the temperature and humidity vibration test can be conducted with the test box.
3. Control system
The controller is UNIQUE in Japan (you can choose Japanese OYO or American HONEYWELL controller).
The product adopts the resistive high-precision touch screen operation mode, which can directly use the USB mouse or the touch pen to click the screen for function selection or parameter setting.
The program function has a capacity of 160Patten x 1600 step x 999 cycle.
Screen display function: LCD display can display test conditions (including temperature section, cycle times, running time and remaining time, etc.).
It has the function of program control and fixed value control, which is convenient for the use of various production conditions.
Set the temperature slope, freely control the running time and heating rate.
The system will run automatically after the system time has reached the setting time. It can freely control the running time and working condition of the aging room.
Power outage restart function, you can choose cold start/hot start/interrupt operation.
Temperature control adopts the synchronous and coordinated control of P.I.D.+S.S.R. system, which can improve the stability and life of the control module and interface.
4. Cooling/dehumidification system
4.1 refrigeration compressor: the refrigeration system is made up of semi-closed industrial compressor units produced by taikang (France) or gros (Germany).This type of compressor has large refrigerating capacity, low noise, low energy consumption and high efficiency, and can run steadily and reliably for a long time.The refrigeration system also adopts advanced PLC control and energy adjustment of cold end output, which goes beyond the traditional control of cold and heat balance, and meets the requirements through PID adjustment, which greatly reduces the user's use cost, extends the service life of the equipment and improves the economic efficiency of the equipment.It can reduce the noise of equipment and improve the working environment of the laboratory.
4.2 refrigeration evaporator and light pipe dehumidifier adopt American complete equipment, single side welding and cold expansion;
4.3 cooling: air cooling or water cooled (when using water, the water temperature is 25 ℃ or less, supply pressure should be 0.15 Mpa to 0.3 Mpa).
4.4 main cooling accessories: solenoid valve, globe valve, filter, pressure controller, oil separator and plate heat exchanger are all imported famous brand products.
4.5 refrigerant: environmental friendly refrigerant R404A and R23 are used.
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