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HY-2010 Universal testing machine
  • HY-2010 Universal testing machine
  • HY-2010 Universal testing machine
  • HY-2010 Universal testing machine

HY-2010 Universal testing machine

This product can test the tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation and elongation of various materials, semi-finished products and finished products.The test is suitable for the quality test of paper, cardboard, packaging film and adhesive t ...

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This product can test the tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation and elongation of various materials, semi-finished products and finished products....Suitable for quality test of paper, cardboard, packaging film, adhesive tape, etc.Testing machine measurement and control system is specially designed for microcomputer electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine and microcomputer press.Tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and stripping tests can be carried out.Using PC and interface board to collect, save, process and print test results.The parameters such as maximum strength, yield force, average stripping force, maximum deformation, yield point and elastic modulus can be calculated.It can perform curve processing, multi-sensor support, graphical interface, flexible data processing and ms-access database support, making the system function more powerful.
The characteristics of
1. Multiple strength units, test condition parameters and test results report parameters
2. Users can set the report format and content of the test results by themselves
3. Panasonic ac servo motor system control in Japan is more accurate
4. Delicate aluminum extruded screw cover
5. Sanding electroplating and advanced painting treatment on the surface
6. Quick jig connector is easy to connect, and more flexible to replace the tool
7. Timing belt, timing belt pulley.
8. No clearance ball screw, accurate speed displacement
9. High-precision force sensor
10. Multi-stage force linear correction system can flexibly connect four groups of different capacity sensors, precise force and convenient operation
Technical indicators:
Capacity: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000kg
Test speed: 0.5~1000mm/min keyboard input control
Machine travel: 800mm(without jig)
Test width: 400mmMAX
Weight: about 90kg
Operation mode: full computer control, Windows mode operation
Power: Panasonic servomotor
Machine performance:
1. Basic test function: it can complete the test requirements of various materials, such as tensile, tensile, displacement, compressive, compressive, bending, etc.;
2. Platform protection function: the safety device has software and mechanical two-level limit protection, realizing upper and lower limit, displacement limit, overload limit, etc., and automatically stops when the maximum load is exceeded;
3. Automatic reset function: the machine can smoothly reply to the starting position of computer memory (i.e., 0 bit) at the preset speed;
4. Curve processing function: the graph in the test is automatically amplified, and the test results can be viewed arbitrarily, including: load displacement, load time, load deformation, displacement time, deformation time, stress time, stress strain and other test results, and the curve and data can be printed;
5. Data processing function: data processing can be conducted according to different standards, and data is stored in database format;
6. Report output function: test report can be edited, archived and printed at will to save test data.
Software specification:
1. The Settings are handled by the dialog box of WINDOWS, and the table mode can be planned by itself.
2. The test data can be called directly in the main screen without switching;
3. At the same time, the test has the function of automatic magnification rate to achieve the most appropriate size graph, make multi-pen curve comparison at the same time, and select translation and overlap;
4. The metric system and British system with various units functions can be set, and the units can be converted after the test;
5. Automatic return and return function after testing;
6. Automatic calibration of screen operation, which can be operated by users;
7. Full Chinese and English simplified/traditional design without language barrier.
Standard equipment: 1 set of computer system, 1 color printer and 1 copy of system operation manual
Optional equipment: two-point punctuation extender, accuracy 0.025mm/min;Available for various fixtures;
Power supply: single item 220V/50Hz/3A
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