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Economical tensile testing machine
  • Economical tensile testing machine
  • Economical tensile testing machine
  • Economical tensile testing machine
  • Economical tensile testing machine

Economical tensile testing machine

说 明: 此机适合于各种纺织,橡胶,塑胶,合成革,胶带,电子,金属等行业的材料及制品做抗拉,剥离,撕裂等试验,用以判定产品的质量。 规格: 容量选择:1、2、5、10、20、5 ...

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This machine is suitable for various textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, rubber belt, electronic, metal and other industries materials and products to do tensile, peeling, tear test, to determine the quality of products.
Capacity selection: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500kg
Display: hy-2000 power and extension display
Force measurement accuracy: better than + / - 1.0%
Force resolution 1/10,000
Effective force range: 1~100%F.S
Accuracy of deformation indication: better than plus or minus 1.0%
Test speed range: 5 ~ 500mm/min, arbitrary setting
Test Max. Stroke: Max. 650mm, (1000mm) without jig
Effective test space: before and after about 120 mm, ∝
Power unit switching: KGF, gf, N, kN, Ibf
Stress unit switching: MPa, kPa, KGF /cm2, Ibf/in2
Change of deformation units: mm, cm, in
Stop mode: safety setting of upper and lower limits, emergency stop key, program force and extension setting, sample failure detection
Pickup method: it has the function of manual pick up point and preset pick point (20 points) during the test
Special function: can display and output test curve, can do pull and pressure test
Standard configuration: 1 single point extender (built-in)
Optional configuration: gj-211 two-point extension fixtures, needle printers or mini printers, various test fixtures
Machine size: 57 x 47 x 120cm(W x D x H)
Machine weight: about 75kg
Power: DC motor
Power supply: 1PH, AC220V, 50Hz

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