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Programmable electromagnetic vibration tester
  • Programmable electromagnetic vibration tester

Programmable electromagnetic vibration tester

Hy-sp-7-pro programmable electromagnetic vibration testing machine is the middle end product in the electromagnetic platform of our company. Its surface size is larger, the load weight is larger, and up to 30 sections of frequency sweeping program is ...

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Hy-sp-7-pro programmable electromagnetic vibration testing machine is the middle end product of our company's electromagnetic platform. Its surface size is large and the load weight is large.
Electromagnetic vibration test series are widely used in the fields of national defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobile and household electricity.This type of equipment is used to detect early faults, simulate actual operating condition assessment and structural strength test, and the product has a wide range of application, wide application surface, significant test effect and reliability.
Product features
Adopt the most advanced programmable technology, can set the program, multi - band sweep can work at the same time
It has the function of time timing and inverter of single point, segment and multiple segment
Imported frequency controller, digital control and display frequency, PID control function, make the equipment work more stable and reliable
Real-time synchronous display of control parameters without manual intervention.(various control conditions that can be monitored during operation)
Accurate to control the effect, and can predict the control curve
Compact design and manufacture, small size, ultra-quiet work
The base of the machine adopts the vibration absorber, which is easy to install and stable in operation
Built - in amplitude prediction procedure and amplitude modulation easily
Four - point synchronous excitation and even table vibration
The functions of stepless adjustment of amplitude, fixed frequency and sweep frequency are adapted to various test requirements in different industries
Add anti-interference circuit, solve the control circuit interference due to strong electromagnetic field
Increase the work time setters to make the test products meet better test requirements
Technical parameters
Maximum test load (Kg) : 60
Time range: 0.01 s-99.99 H
Manual frequency modulation range (Hz) : 5~200
Work table size (mm) : 550 by 550 by 46
Automatic frequency sweep range (Hz) : 5~200
Table body size (mm) : 550 * 550 * 650
No load displacement amplitude (mm) : 0~5
Control box size (mm) : 500 x 380 x 1050
Direction of vibration: vertical
Power supply voltage (V/Hz) : 220/50 + / -2%
Vibration waveform: sinusoidal wave
Power consumption (KVA) : 2.0
Test mode: frequency modulation/automatic frequency sweep (logarithmic, linear, frequency multiplier, random vibration)
Cooling method: air cooling
Standard: GB/T2423.10
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