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Salt dry wet compound and test chamber
  • Salt dry wet compound and test chamber
  • Salt dry wet compound and test chamber
  • Salt dry wet compound and test chamber
  • Salt dry wet compound and test chamber

Salt dry wet compound and test chamber

Type: hy-ss-pro IS in compliance with IS, JASOM609M610, sae-j234, ASTM and other specifications.Specification: 1. Experimental space SS: ...

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According to customer test requirements, the fixed salt dry and wet composite test can be set
Salt spray test - wet test - water spray test
(A) salt spray laboratory: NSS, CASS
Laboratory: (1) ℃ to 35 ℃ to 50 ℃ + 1
(2) saturated air barrels: 47 ℃ + / - 1 ℃
(3) test time: 2H
(B) wet test:
To: (1) temperature 40 ℃ + 2 ℃
(2) humidity: over 93%
(3) time: 22H
(C) water spraying test:
(1) water flow: 800~1600L/H
Vi. Air supply system
The air pressure is adjusted in two parts by 1kg/cm2. The first is the imported pressure regulating filter with filtering water function.
Adjust roughly to 2-2.5kg/ cm2, the second is imported precision pressure regulating valve, and adjust to the pressure gauge 1kg/ cm2.
Vii. Spray method:
1. Apply the bernoute principle to extract the brine and then spray, with uniform atomization degree, without blocking the crystallization phenomenon, and ensure the standard of continuous testing.
2. Nozzles: made of special glass nozzles, the size and Angle of spray can be adjusted.
3. Spray amount: adjustable 1.5 + / 0.5 ml 80cm2/Hr (16-hour average).
4.40L large saltwater storage tank, able to spray continuously for 48HR.
Viii. Heating system
Adopting steam heating method, the heating speed reduces the standby time and the component damage rate is low.
Use S.S.R. to control heating power, accurate temperature and low power consumption.(electrical heat pipe for titanium alloy corrosion protection)
Ix. Circuit control system
1. The main controller adopts a 7-inch LCD man-machine interface, and the main screen can be programmed for the test program.
2. The fixed condition can be set at 0-530 H 59 MIN.
3. The program mode can be set at the same time for salt fog, wet test and water spray test
4. With memory device of power off, the remaining procedures can be continued when the power is returned.
5. Temperature and humidity sensor the DIN PT - 100 Ω (platinum).
X. drainage system:
Automatic water feeding system is adopted for water intake. If water level is too low, automatic water feeding system can be used.
Drainage of the acid-base anti-corrosion pump, increase service life, reduce drainage waiting time.
All pipe fittings are imported acid-base anti-corrosion components with long service life.
Xi. Humidification system
1. Electronic bit method P.I.D micro-humidification system.
2. Double protection device with overheat and overflow.
3. The humidification and dehumidification systems are completely independent.
4. Water level control.
5. Automatic humidifying water replenishment device.(the machine needs to be connected to water source)
Xii. Safety protection device:
1. It is provided with leakage/power off type protection switch without fuse.
2. Low water protection switch.
3. Low salt liquid protection switch
4. Double temperature protection device to prevent mechanical or electronic movement out of control.
5. Chinese indication screen of fault point.
Model hy-60 hy-90 hy-120 hy-160 hy-200
Test chamber box size (cm) 60x45x40 90x60x50 120x80x50 160x100x50 200x120x60
The test outdoor box size (cm) is 107x60x118 141x88x128 190x110x140 230x130x140 270x150x150
Laboratory temperature 20 ~ 50 ℃ + / - 1 ℃
Pressure barrel temperature 35 ℃ ~ 63 ℃ + 1
Brine temperature 35 ℃ to + / - 1 ℃ to 50 ℃ + 1 ℃
The laboratory capacity is 108L 270L 480L 800L 1440L
The salt water tank capacity is 15L 25L 40L 40L 40L
Add 0.26 grams of copper chloride (CuCl2 2H2O) per liter to 5% sodium chloride solution concentration or 5% sodium chloride solution concentration
Compressed air pressure 1.00 + 0.01 KGF /cm2
Spray volume 1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (at least 16 hours should be collected, and the average value should be obtained)
Laboratory relative humidity 30%~85%
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