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Box rain test chamber
  • Box rain test chamber

Box rain test chamber

The rain shower test box is suitable for external lighting and signal device and automobile lamp enclosure protection, can provide lifelike simulation of electronic products and components during transportation and use may be subjected to various envi ...

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Product use:
The wet test box is mainly used for the protection test of external lighting, signal device and automobile lamps and lanterns.
Box structure:
The shell material of the box body is treated with high-quality stainless steel plate, and the liner material is made of stainless steel plate.2. Large-area visible glass door, easy to observe the test sample condition in the test box;
The imported frequency converter is used to control the speed effectively to ensure that the test runs according to the standard.
The bottom of the test box adopts high quality and fixed PU movable wheels, which is convenient for users to move.
It has 270 degree swing tube and 360 degree rotary bar water spraying device.
Sample table with adjustable speed;
Equipment conditions:
: 1, the environmental temperature 5 ℃ ~ + 28 ℃ average temperature 28 ℃ or less (24 hours)
2. Environmental humidity: less than or equal to 85%
Operation specification
First, the power supply is switched on, and then the power switch is turned on.The controller will automatically enter the fixed-value stop interface.
1. After power on, when the control program set by the machine is completed, the machine will stop running;
2. When the set control program is completed, the machine will stop running;
3. Open the door handle of the box and put the test sample on the sample shelf;Then close the door;
Note: the capacity of the sample placement shall not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of the test area.
4. According to the "TEMI880 operation manual", conduct the test setting operation first, and then enter the test state according to the set operation mode;
5. If you want to observe the changes in the box during the test, you can open the door light switch, and you can open the window to know the changes in the box.The change of temperature and humidity in the test chamber will be displayed on the controller (if there is no requirement of humidity in the test, the humidity value will not be displayed);
6. Open the door handle of the box, take out the test sample from the sample shelf, check the sample after test, and record the test status;The test was completed;
7. After the test, turn off the power switch.
Matters needing attention
1. When the unexpected sound is heard in operation, it shall be stopped for inspection, and the machine can be restarted after the fault is detected and solved, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment.
2. The transmission mechanism must be refueled regularly, and the reducer must be equipped with a clean 20# oil.
3. After positioning the equipment, the supporting bracket shall be lifted to prevent the caster from shifting after vibration during the equipment test.
4. Run the rain test box for a long time. If the water jet hole is found to be blocked, remove the pipeline and rinse with tap water before assembling it.
Conformance editor
IEC 60529
Parameter list:
Jet ring radius
370 mm and 450 mm
Pipe diameter
& oslash;16 mm
The nozzle diameter
& oslash;The 0.4 mm
Aperture spacing
50 mm
Arranging the swing
0 ° ~ 350 ° (can be arbitrary set)
Bench speed
1r/min (also available for speed control (optional)
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