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Xenon lamp climate test chamber
  • Xenon lamp climate test chamber
  • Xenon lamp climate test chamber
  • Xenon lamp climate test chamber
  • Xenon lamp climate test chamber

Xenon lamp climate test chamber

Xenon lamp aging test machine is mainly used for the aging test of non-metal materials, solar photovoltaic and artificial light, magnet and rare earth industries, including sulfur dioxide corrosion test machine of ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide ...

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I. application range of xenon lamp aging tester:
The air-cooled xenon lamp aging tester USES xenon arc lamps which can simulate the total sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light wave in different environments, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for scientific research, product development and quality control.The SN xenon lamp test box can be used to select new materials, improve existing materials or evaluate the durability of changes in the composition of materials. It can well simulate the changes caused by the exposure of materials to sunlight under different environmental conditions.
2. The xenon lamp aging tester meets the standard:
According to the technical parameters of GB/ t16422.2-1999, it is designed and manufactured in accordance with (GB/ t1865-2009, GB/ t2423.24-1995, ASTMG155, ISO10SB02/B04, SAEJ2527, SAEJ2412) and other relevant technical indicators
Iii. Equipment features of xenon lamp aging tester:
1. All-spectrum xenon lamp.
2. Various filtering systems for selection.
3. Water sprinkling function.
4. Relative humidity control.
5. Test box air temperature control system.
6. Sample holder with irregular shape.
7. Reasonably priced and fine xenon arc lamp tubes.
8. The air - cooled xenon lamp climate proof test chamber is easy to install and easy to use and basically does not require routine maintenance.
9. The service life of the xenon arc lamp tube depends on the radiation illumination level used, and the service life of the general lamp tube is 1600 hours.
10. The lamp tube can be replaced quickly and easily, and the filter of air-cooled xenon lamp climate proof test chamber can provide a guarantee for maintaining the required spectrum.
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