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2018-09-12What is the importance of the cold and hot impact test box t
Dongguan hongjin testing instrument co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan hongyu technology enterprise group, was established in July 1998. It is specialized in the production and development of various environmental test equipment, mechanica...[Detailed]
2018-09-12Hong jin technology to discuss the selection of constant tem
With the development of science and technology and the rapid development of industrial enterprises, there are more and more manufacturers producing constant temperature and humidity test boxes, and the market competition is increasingly intense. Of co...[Detailed]
2018-09-12Look at the advantages and disadvantages of different humidi
The constant temperature and constant humidity test box humidification system is one of the main systems. The humidification method is also from the former spraying and humidification through boiler humidification to the modern advanced shallow tank h...[Detailed]
2018-09-12How to determine the range of humidity in constant temperatu
The temperature range of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is also called high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chamber. The relative humidity is generally 30%-98%RH or 20%-98%.Then, can the constant temperature ...[Detailed]
2018-09-12The high and low temperature test chamber of hong jin techno
As the flagship equipment of environmental testing equipment, the high-low temperature test box is widely used for testing the performance of various indicators of products in industries such as electronics and electricians, ship weapons, automobile a...[Detailed]
2018-09-12Operation procedure of cold and hot impact test chamber
It is necessary to master the correct experimental method in the process of using the cold and hot impact test box, which can avoid the trouble in operation.So how should the user operate the thermal shock chamber correctly?Below small make up to intr...[Detailed]
2018-09-12The difference between constant temperature and humidity tes
The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is the difference of humidity in name. Both of them are high and low temperature test chamber, while the constant temperature and humidity test chamber has an additional humidity system.This chapter i...[Detailed]
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