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2018-09-11The main effect of too low evaporation temperature on the re
1) insufficient refrigerant.2) the throttle valve is too small to open and the refrigerant is insufficient to flow into the evaporator. Most of the space refrigerant vapor of the evaporator is insufficient...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Constant temperature and humidity test box alarm processing
An alarm signal will be sent when there is an abnormality in the equipment of the constant humidity and constant temperature test box.So what exactly is going on inside the device that causes the alarm system to signal?The following strength to solve ...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Regular maintenance of constant temperature and humidity tes
The constant temperature and humidity test box equipment shall be maintained and maintained regularly to improve the equipment performance and extend the service life of the equipment. The maintenance personnel can be the equipment user trained by the...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Dry goods: type and maintenance of constant temperature and
1. Classification of control operations: the constant temperature and humidity test box can touch programs, with a capacity of 1000 sections, each section of which can loop through 999 steps, a maximum of 99 hours 59 minutes per section, and 10 sets o...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Operation procedure of cold and hot impact test chamber
Step 1. Conduct shock calibration until the waveform generated by two consecutive shocks acting on the simulated load reaches or exceeds the prescribed test conditions in at least one axial direction, and the test tolerances specified in the technical...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Summary of common problems and solutions for cold and hot im
Is temperature variability as fast as possible in the cold and hot impact test box? Explanation: the faster the better the temperature change rate in the temperature impact test. Does the temperature change rate have any influence on the test results...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Basic knowledge and working principle of cold and hot impact
1. Basic knowledge of cold and hot impact test machine: 1. Name: cold and hot impact test machine is also called cold and hot impact test box, high and low temperature impact test box, and temperature impact test box.2. Application: testing electronic...[Detailed]
2018-09-11Purchased a constant temperature and humidity test box to un
Purchased a constant temperature and humidity test box to understand the technical parameters...[Detailed]
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