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What is the performance of the product tested in the constan

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The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is also called the high-low temperature humidity and heat alternating test chamber, testing the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance of various materials.
During the test, the following situations should be noted:
This product is non-explosion-proof, please do not put flammable and explosive products into the box for testing.
2. Please try not to open the test box door during the work of the instrument. Opening it at high temperature may cause burns to the operator, opening it at low temperature may cause frostbite to the staff, and may cause ice to the evaporator, affecting the cooling effect.If you must open the test box door, please do a good job of relevant protection.
The airway of the body should be kept open to avoid failure, abnormal operation and long life.
The safety should be fully considered before modifying the setting, signal output, starting and stopping of the instrument in operation. The wrong operation may cause damage or failure of the working equipment.
Please wipe the instrument with dry cloth, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents, do not splash water on the meter, if the meter is immersed in water, please stop using immediately, otherwise there is a risk of leakage, shock or fire.

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