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Dry goods: type and maintenance of constant temperature and

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1. Classification of control operations:
Touch the programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, with 1000 segment program, 999 steps per period of renewable capacity, every time to set a maximum of 99 hours and 59 minutes, 10 group program link function, and historical data can be stored 600 days (24 hours running state, the logging interval more than 1 min, temperature and humidity data record at the same time), and can be played back to upload the historical data curve in the control.
The constant temperature and humidity test box button is single-point type. Input temperature, humidity and constant time. After reaching the temperature and humidity point, it will start to be constant.
2. Classification of refrigeration modes:
The constant temperature and humidity test chamber water cooling cooling unit must be equipped with cooling tower. For the open cooling circulating water system, the cooling water will contact with the air after absorbing heat, CO2 will escape into the air, and the dissolved oxygen and turbidity in the water will increase.If the water quality is not treated, the refrigeration equipment will be seriously damaged and the heat exchange efficiency will be greatly reduced, resulting in energy waste.
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber air cooled, also known as air cooling, its main out the cooling water system essential cooling towers, cooling water pump and pipeline system, scale and cooler water had poor areas can be avoided, who pipe blockage, also saves the water resources, is the constant temperature and humidity test chamber products, maintenance is the most economic and simple model.
In order to better achieve the purpose of the test, the maintenance of test equipment is of great importance in daily life. Proper maintenance can not only improve the service life of the equipment, but also indirectly improve the stability and reliability of the test. The maintenance and maintenance of test box mainly includes the following points:
1. Insist on professional management by specially-assigned persons: qualified units shall send specially-assigned persons to the supplier's factory for training and learning from time to time, so as to gain more professional maintenance, maintenance experience and ability.
2. Clean the condenser on a regular basis (every 3 months) : if the compressor is air-cooled, the condensing fan should be overhauled on a regular basis, and the condenser should be decontaminated and dusted to ensure good ventilation and heat transfer performance;If the compressor is cooled by water, its inlet pressure and temperature must be ensured, and the corresponding flow rate must be ensured, and the interior of the condenser is cleaned and descaled regularly to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.
3. Regular (every 3 months) cleaning and evaporation (dehumidifier) : because the test products have different cleaning classes, under the effect of forced wind circulation, the evaporator (dehumidifier) will condense a lot of dust and other small particles, so it should be cleaned regularly.
4. Cleaning and balancing of circulating air blades and condenser fan: similar to cleaning evaporator, since the working environment of the test box is different, the circulating air blades and condenser fan will condense a lot of dust and other small particles, which should be cleaned regularly.
5, because the temperature (wet) degree is generally high box: we suggest to place it in a benign environment temperature, we experience the temperature is 8 ℃ to 23 ℃, to do not have the condition of laboratory, shall be equipped with proper air conditioning unit (air) or cooling tower (water).
6. Water and humidifier cleaning: if the water channel is not smooth and the scaling of the humidifier easily leads to the dry burning of the humidifier, the humidifier may be damaged, so the water and humidifier must be cleaned regularly.
7. After each test is completed, set the temperature near the ambient temperature and work for about 30 minutes. Then cut off the power supply and clean the inner wall of the studio.
8. Maintenance principle: as the environmental test chamber is basically composed of electrical, refrigeration and mechanical systems, the whole equipment should be checked and comprehensively analyzed in case of any equipment problems.In general, can analyze the process of judgment "in the" after "outside" first, the first rule out the external factors, such as water, electricity, etc., after completely ruled out external factors, according to the fault phenomena, was carried out on the equipment system is decomposed first, after judging system comprehensive analysis, can adopt the method of backward to find the cause of the problem: first, in accordance with the electrical wiring diagram to find whether there is something wrong with the electrical system, the question of whether finally for refrigeration system.It is important to disassemble or replace the parts before the cause of the failure is known to avoid unnecessary trouble.
9. The product shall be electrified regularly every half a month without using the machine for a long period of time, which shall not be less than 1 hour.
10. It is better to move the equipment under the guidance of our technical personnel to avoid unnecessary damage or damage to the equipment.

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