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Internal composition of constant temperature and humidity te

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Generally speaking, the constant temperature and humidity test box is divided into five parts: heating, cooling, electrical, waterway and control. Customers who use the constant temperature and humidity test box for the first time must not understand it clearly. This paper introduces the internal composition of the constant temperature and humidity test box, and guides the experimental instruments to explain its functions for you one by one.
Test area: place test samples in the space for temperature and humidity test. Do not block the air duct when placing test samples, so as not to affect indoor uniformity.
Temperature sensor: refers to the sensor that can sense the temperature and convert it into the available output signal, and detect the temperature in the test chamber;
Humidity sensor: it refers to the sensor that can sense humidity and convert it into available output signals to detect humidity in the test chamber.
Wet ball flume: water the wet ball gauze, ensure the humidity;
Sample rack: place the test sample. The weight of the sample rack is less than or equal to 30kg.
Buckle: install the sample holder;
Sealing strip: ACTS as a seal to prevent the air outside the test box from entering the box;
Long shaft fan motor: strength convection vertical diffusion circulation, keep the temperature and humidity in the box uniform.
In addition, what is worth mentioning is the internal material of the constant temperature and humidity test box, which is made of imported advanced stainless steel (SUS304) as a whole, and the other parts mentioned above constitute the whole studio.So that the majority of users can not only in the operation of handy, but also in the field of vision pleasant to the eye.

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