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Regular maintenance of constant temperature and humidity tes

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 Constant temperature and humidity test chamber equipment regular maintenance and maintenance, in order to improve the equipment performance and prolong the service life of equipment, maintenance personnel can is through supplier training equipment use of personnel, equipment suppliers after-sales personnel or dealer after-sales personnel, can also be a third-party after-sales personnel have the professional qualifications, etc.
The maintenance and maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity test box/high and low temperature humidity test box generally includes the inspection of the surrounding environment of equipment operation, the operation and inspection of the electrical part of the equipment, the operation and inspection of the pure water loop of the equipment, the operation and inspection of the refrigeration part of the equipment, and the temperature/humidity measurement and calibration of the equipment.
If the equipment is additionally equipped with pure water manufacturing or cooling water equipment, these facilities should also be maintained on a regular basis.
Some test equipment maintenance/maintenance services are listed below for reference only:
1. Operating environment inspection: satisfactory to be subject to competent but not to competent
2. Inspect equipment appearance and connecting parts
(1) overall appearance inspection of the equipment
(2) appearance inspection of controller
(3) inlet and drain connection check: whether the pipe line needs to be replaced is manual or not
(4) power connection check: power supply voltage is up to voltage but not up to voltage
(5) ground check: good grounding to ground voltage
(6) check the fastness of data connection line: firmness is tightened
3. Performance testing and maintenance:
(1) sealing inspection of equipment: the inner and outer doors need to be adjusted, which is the case of regulating the internal and external doors.
(2) door handle function check:
(3) internal fan inspection: normal operation
(4) inspection of refrigeration system:
A. operation check of the compressor: normal operation
B. clean the condenser
C. Check of the condensing fan:
(5) heating system inspection: normal operation and abnormal operation:
(6) check the humidification system
A. Clean the humidified water tank
B. wet boiler inspection:
C. Evaporator inspection: normal operation and abnormal processing
D. Water inlet electromagnetic valve inspection:
E. Check of drainage pump: normal operation
(7) inspection of dehumidification system: normal operation
(8) check of over-temperature protection controller: normal operation
(9) alarm check: normal abnormal regulating
(10) communication detection: normal optical-abnormal optical-processing:
(11) stable operation of equipment: normal operation
4. Temperature/humidity measurement and calibration
(1) test instrument name: precision digital thermometer instrument model: XXX TH2
Number: XXX accuracy: 0.2 ℃, 1.0% RH
Verification certificate no. : XXX calibration date: 2014-12-31
(2) low point setting value: display value: actual value:
Whether it needs to be modified:
(3) high point setting value: display value: actual value:
Whether it needs to be modified:
(4) compliance after calibration:

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