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Constant temperature and humidity test box alarm processing

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An alarm signal will be sent when there is an abnormality in the equipment of the constant humidity and constant temperature test box.So what exactly is going on inside the device that causes the alarm system to signal?Here are the following solutions:
"Hong jin teaches you five treatment points"
1. The induction system will alarm when the temperature in the equipment is too high.At this time, we should immediately cool the inside of the box, do not open the door immediately to avoid burns.
2. When the fan of the equipment overheats or overflows, it will also make an alarm sound.
3. When the fan coil overheats, the equipment stops and alarms. We have to solve the fault before continuing the test, otherwise it is very dangerous.
4. When the fan current crosses the allowable value, the equipment will stop and alarm, and the equipment will be allowed to resume normal operation only after the over-current fault maintenance is completed.
5. Temperature and humidity test box refrigeration and heating compressor will also alarm.
Speak with facts
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