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How to maintain the special constant temperature and humidit

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Dongguan hongjin lithium battery special constant temperature and humidity test box is also known as the constant temperature and humidity test machine of lithium battery, the constant temperature and humidity test box of lithium battery, the constant temperature and humidity test box of lithium battery or lithium battery.It is suitable for testing quality of lithium battery, electron, electric appliance, communication, instrument, vehicle, plastic product, metal, food, chemical, building material, medical treatment, spaceflight etc.How to properly maintain the constant temperature and humidity test box of lithium battery?The following zhenhong detection equipment for your detailed answer!
First: the constant temperature and humidity test box must be operated and maintained by a special person.Strictly comply with the system operating procedures to avoid other people's violation of the operating system.
Second: the long-term shutdown of the constant temperature and humidity test box will affect the effective service life of the system. Therefore, the system should be started and operated at least once every 10 days.Don't make the system stop repeatedly in a short time, start less than 5 times per hour, and start and stop no less than 3rain.Do not open the door of the walk-in temperature and humidity test system at low temperatures to prevent damage to the door sealing tape.
Third: the system use archives should be established to facilitate the system maintenance and maintenance.The starting and ending time (date), type of test and ambient temperature of each operation of the system should be recorded when using the archives.When the system failure occurs, the fault phenomenon should be described in as much detail as possible.The contents of system maintenance and repair should also be recorded in as much detail as possible.
Fourth: the main power switch (electric leakage short-circuit device) shall be tested periodically every month to ensure that the switch is used as leakage protector under load capacity.The specific steps are as follows: first, please confirm that the general power switch is ON, that is, the system is energized, and then press the test button.This function is normal if the switch lever of the leakage circuit breaker falls down.
Fifth: the main body of the constant temperature and humidity test box should be protected from strong impact of sharp or blunt instruments.
Sixth: in order to ensure the normal and clean water supply of cooling water, for the equipment using cooling water device, clean the cooling water filter of the refrigerator every 30 days or so. If the local air quality of the cooling water tower is poor and the dust content in the air is high, clean the cooling water tank of the tower for 7 days or so.
The leakage, overload and short circuit protection characteristics of the leakage switch are all set by the manufacturer.After the electric leakage switch is disconnected due to short circuit, the contact should be checked. If the main contact is badly burned or has potholes, it should be repaired.
Eighth: the test product placed in the constant temperature and humidity test box should be placed at a certain distance from the suction and outlet of the air conditioning channel, so as not to hinder the air circulation.
Ninth: action test of over-temperature protector.Set the temperature of the over-temperature protector to be lower than the temperature of the box body. If EG0 alarm and buzzer appear, the function is normal.Upon completion of the above tests, the setting value of the temperature protection should be reset appropriately, otherwise it may result in an inappropriate suspension.
Once a year, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the power distribution room and water return room.Once a month, use dry cloth to clean and dry the refrigerator set up to collect water.
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