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The main effect of too low evaporation temperature on the re

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The main factors affecting the low evaporation temperature of the refrigeration system of constant temperature and humidity test box
1) insufficient refrigerant in the refrigeration system of constant temperature and humidity test box.
2) if the throttle valve is opened too small, the cooling dose flowing into the evaporator is insufficient, and most of the space refrigerant vapor of the evaporator is overheated, the refrigerating capacity decreases, and the evaporation pressure also decreases.
3) the cooling system of the constant temperature and humidity test box is clogged with contaminants, especially in the freon system. The contaminants will clog the drying filters and thin pipelines, and the system contains water, which will cause ice blockage on the expansion valve.
4) the solenoid valve does not work or does not open the relevant valve.
5) frost or icing on the surface of direct evaporative cooler increases the heat transfer resistance, affects the heat transfer effect and gradually reduces the evaporation temperature, thus reducing the evaporation pressure.
6) the evaporator area does not match the refrigerating capacity of the compressor, that is, the evaporator area is too small.
7) excessive cooling water and low cooling dose in water cooling system.Therefore, the flow of cooling water and refrigerant must be adjusted.
8) the load regulating switch is not open enough, and the refrigeration capacity of the refrigeration equipment is greater than the required heat load.

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