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Dongguan hongjin aging industry in the most trusted brand

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 Article From:未知EDIT:hongyuTIME:2018-09-12 17:24

Dongguan hongjin detection instrument is regarded as a global weatherability testing expert. Its ultraviolet aging test box, xenon lamp test machine and salt fog test machine are the most advanced aging test instruments in the world. In particular, its QUV is the most widely used aging test machine in the world.At present, hongjin instrument company has become a well-known supplier of materials durability test products.
For more information on the development of aging test cases, you can call dongguan hongjin testing equipment co., LTD. Hotline 0769-85050140 for consultation.
Related label: according to the survey report of aging test box industry in 2016, the aging test box market has become bigger and bigger in recent years, and the country has taken the aging test box industry as an important channel for rapid economic development.

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