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Constant temperature and humidity test box manufacturer

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  When choosing to purchase the constant temperature and humidity test box, we need to pay attention to the following questions :(the biggest difference between the constant temperature and humidity test box and the high and low temperature box is that the constant temperature and humidity test box is with humidity and can meet any conditions of the high and low temperature box.This is critical.)
1. Temperature range:
High temperature: 100 ℃, 150 ℃
Low temperature: 5 kinds: the lower the temperature, the more expensive the price
A: 0 ℃ B: - 20 ℃ C: 40 ℃ - D: 60 ℃ : E - 70 ℃
2. Humidity range: generally 20~98%, and some customers will mention the low humidity requirements of 10% or 5%;
Note here: when referring to the low humidity requirements, be sure to tell what the temperature is, in some temperature conditions can not meet the low humidity requirements!
3. Inner box selection: please tell us the maximum product size, maximum load, the maximum amount put, whether it is charged test, and what is the power if it is charged test?
4. Sensor selection: there are two types: one is the one that needs to be replaced with a shab (troublesome), and the other is the integrated temperature and humidity sensor
5. Models: there are two types
The first standard type (S) : it is a single condition and can be selected;
For example: 60 ℃, 50% humidity, the condition can choose this
The second kind of programmable (also known as programmable P) : multiple conditions can be selected;
For example: 60 ℃, 50% for seven hours, 70 ℃, 60% for 4 hours, you will need to consider to buy it.Convenient operation without manual operation
Based on the above points: the following technical parameters are for reference only (please contact us if you are not clear) :
 恒温恒湿箱规格:(S:标准型 P:可编程)
规格型号          测试区尺寸(W*H*D)      外型尺寸(W*H*D)
TH-1S/1P             450*600*450mm          1080*1450*800mm
TH-2S/2P             570*750*600mm          1130*1600*950mm
TH-3S/3P             800*800*800mm          1430*1650*1150mm
TH-4S/4P            1000*1000*1000mm        1630*1850*1350mm
a、升温速率: 平均1℃/min。
b、降温速率: 平均1℃/min。
7、湿度偏差: +2%RH,-3%RH。

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