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Hot expansion and cold contraction test and cold and hot imp

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Hot and cold impact test chamber is material such as metal, plastic, rubber, electronics industry the necessary test equipment, used for testing or composite material structure, in an instant by extremely high temperature and low temperature under continuous environment to endure, to test samples in the shortest possible time for heat bilges cold shrink caused by chemical or physical damage.The test methods met by the cold and hot impact test chamber: GB/T2423.1.2, GB/ t10592-2008, GJB150.3 high-low temperature impact test.
Dongguan cold and heat shock test box manufacturer
Bells and whistles
Impact at different temperature sections: cut off the multi-stage evaporator structure, control the evaporation area to match with the refrigerating expansion valve, and use the refrigerating system output to reasonably reduce the output of the heater to achieve constant energy saving;There is also a separate valve for ventilation, which ACTS to draw ambient air into the exhaust (normal temperature recovery).
The air inlet sucks in air outside when ambient temperature is exposed.
The exhaust port has the function of discharging hot gas from the machine room and test area.
Preset the start time of the test. The test box will start automatically and be ready to start the test.
Exposure time shortens function.
The downwind temperature in the test area reaches the exposure temperature and then switches to the next exposure function.
Pre-processing/post-processing functions.
The specimen is exposed to high temperature (heat treatment) for a period of time before or after the cycle test.
Dry running function.
Running time under test knot.
Application field
High and low temperature impact test chamber for electrical and electronic components, automation, communication components, auto parts, metal parts, chemical materials, plastic and other industries, the defense industry, aerospace, industrial, BGA, PCB base, electronic chip IC, semiconductor ceramics and physical shape change of polymer material, to test the material to pull over and over again and the product in high/low temperature heat bilges cold shrink output of chemical or physical damage, can confirm the quality of products, from precision IC to heavy mechanical components, can use, is an essential part of all areas of product testing a test case.
Operation process
Generally speaking, the operation of high-low temperature impact test chamber is divided into five parts: pretreatment, initial detection, test, recovery and final detection.Hengtai fengke shares with you the detailed process content:
1. Pretreatment: the tested sample is placed under normal experimental atmospheric conditions until the temperature is stable.
2. Initial test: compare the sample under test with the standard requirements, and then directly put it into the high-low temperature impact test chamber.
3. The test:
1) the test sample shall be placed in the test box according to the standard requirements, and the temperature in the test box (room) shall be raised to the specified point, and the test sample shall be kept for a certain time until the temperature is stable, whichever is longer.
2) after the high temperature stage, within 5 min to convert test samples to have to adjust to and 55 ℃ low temperature test chamber (room), to achieve a temperature for 1 h or until the test sample stability, with time is accurate.
3) after the low temperature stage, within 5 min transfer test samples to have to adjust to 70 ℃ high temperature test chamber (room), to achieve a temperature for 1 h or until the test sample stability, with time is accurate.
4) repeat the above experimental method to complete three cycle cycles.Time may vary slightly depending on the size of the sample and the size of the space.
4. Recovery: after the test sample is taken out of the test box, it shall be recovered under normal test atmospheric conditions until the test sample reaches temperature stability.
5. Final test: the test results are assessed against the standard of damage and other methods.

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