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How to determine the range of humidity in constant temperatu

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The temperature range of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, also known as "high-low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chamber", is wide. The relative humidity is generally 30%-98%RH or 20%-98%.Then, can the constant temperature and humidity test box achieve 10%-98%RH?
Low temperature and low humidity are relatively difficult to control. Since the positive moisture content is very low at this time, it is sometimes even lower than the positive content in the atmosphere. It needs to dehumidify the air prevailing in the box, which makes the air become boring.
With cooling dehumidification principle, is in the case of preset indoor air plus a set of cooling tube, when humid air through the cooling pipe, relative humidity reaches 100% RH, cooling pipe has condensation and make the air become more boring, but the dehumidification method in theory is the dew point temperature can reach below freezing, but when the temperature reaches 0 ℃ cold spots appearance, cooling tube appearance of condensation water will freeze, and then affect the heat transfer, makes the desiccant can reduce, because can't be sure seal box again, together the wet air will enter the casing in the atmosphere, make the dew point temperature rise.
, on the other hand, the flow of wet air is just in the moment of touch and cold tube reach the saturated state and then fold out water vapor, the dehumidification method is hard to make in the dew point temperature is below 0 ℃, practice has reached the lowest dew point temperature is 5 ~ 7 ℃, dew point temperature of 5 ℃ or certain moisture content of 0.0055 g/kg, corresponding to the relative humidity of 20% RH temperature 30 ℃.If required temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity to 20% RH, at this time of the dew point temperature is 3 ℃, desiccant is very difficult.
Now the environmental testing equipment technology is quite mature. For the previous years, the problem of low temperature and low humidity in constant temperature and humidity test boxes has been broken through. Many domestic manufacturers have been able to achieve a low humidity of 10%RH.

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