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Look at the advantages and disadvantages of different humidi

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The constant temperature and constant humidity test box humidification system is one of the main systems. The humidification method is also from the former spraying and humidification through boiler humidification to the modern advanced shallow tank humidification. In this chapter, the advantages and disadvantages of the different humidification methods of the constant temperature and constant humidity test box are discussed:
Advantages of sprinkling and humidification in constant temperature and humidity test box
The control transition process of spray humidification is long, but the humidity fluctuation is small after the system is stable.In addition, during the humidification process, the water vapor does not overheat and will not increase the additional heat in the system.In addition, the spray water has the effect of dehumidification when the water temperature is controlled below the key test temperature.
The disadvantages of spraying and humidifying the constant temperature and humidity test box
Because of the humidity control is mainly connect point with mercury electricity conductivity meter for simple switch quantity adjustment, for large lag the control of the hot water tank water temperature adaptability is bad, so the control of a long transition process, can not meet the requirement of the alternating hot and humid for humidification quantity more need, more important is in the box wall spray, inevitably there are water spray on the sample (s) in the sample (s) to form the different levels of pollution.At the same time, there are certain requirements on the drainage of the box.This method was soon replaced by steam humidification and shallow water dish humidification.
The humidification process is actually to increase the pressure of water vapor separation. The initial humidification method is to spray water on the wall of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, and control the water temperature to control the water surface saturation pressure.The water on the wall surface of the box forms a larger surface, on which water vapor pressure is added to the box by diffusion to raise the relative humidity in the test box.

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