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What is the importance of the cold and hot impact test box t

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   Dongguan acquisitive into testing instrument co., LTD., affiliated to the Taiwan hong yu science and technology enterprise group, a wholly owned subsidiary, the company was established in July 1998. Is a professional production and development of simulation of environmental testing equipment, mechanical test equipment, bags test equipment, paper packaging test equipment, electrical and electronic test equipment, computer mobile phone test equipment, footwear test equipment, wire and cable test equipment and large non-standard test equipment design and automatic control of high-tech production-oriented enterprises!In recent years, the company follows closely the development of international material testing machine and testing technology, adopts the high and new technology boldly, absorbs the high and high technology professional personnel, increases the technical research and development investment, devotes to the improvement of the internal quality of the instrument, strives for perfection, keeps the honesty, makes hong yu instrument and its series of testing instruments to get the rapid development.The U.S. military has used hot and cold impact test kits as part of its testing and identification efforts.Therefore, the cold and hot impact test chamber is a necessary work for the product.During and after world war ii, western countries, especially the United States, established a series of cold and hot shock test chamber fields and laboratories, and developed cold and hot shock test chamber standards.However, the cold and hot impact test chamber field is often different from the real operating environment.The U.S. military requires all weapons and equipment, parts and materials, and ammunition to be sent to environmental laboratories for simulation of cold and hot impact test cases, and then to field cold and hot impact test cases.

At present, foreign countries have standardized cold and hot shock test boxes, and many countries have formulated cold and hot shock test box standards, generally speaking, these standards are largely the same.
The test site of the cold and hot impact test chamber shall be broadly representative, capable of carrying out a number of test projects in the near future, and shall be close to the possible operational environment in the future.When selecting a simulated test project, the requirements for the use of the test items should be analyzed in detail, so that the selected test items represent the main use environment and can speed up the test and save money.


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