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Hong jin technology to discuss the selection of constant tem

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Hong jin technology to discuss the selection of constant temperature and humidity test box manufacturers:
With the development of science and technology and the rapid development of industrial enterprises, there are more and more manufacturers producing constant temperature and humidity test boxes, and the market competition is increasingly intense. Of course, many people will have different standards and requirements in their choice.There are people who value the price, and there are people who value the technology.In fact, if you want to buy a good constant temperature and humidity test box, we should choose a trustworthy manufacturer.
First of all, a trustworthy manufacturer is not only guaranteed in quality, professional sales staff will give you more advice when you consult, and in the later use of equipment in the process of problems, you can get more comprehensive and timely after-sales services that money can not buy.If you think about it, the money saved by the cheap, the quality of the constant temperature and humidity test box is not guaranteed, the after-sale business is profitable, or it can't be repaired at all.So choose a reliable manufacturer to solve all kinds of problems you may encounter at one time, and enjoy the high-quality, satisfied and patient service provided by good merchants on the way.
Of course, a trustworthy manufacturer, or to see whether he has national certification of various quality certificates, such as ISS900 certification, quality measurement license form approval certificate, and so on.These certificates are recognized by the national quality qualification, indicating that the quality can be guaranteed first, and then a trustworthy and on track enterprise.You can then consult a salesperson for specific questions to see if he or she is a professional enough person to make a statement, or if he or she is a problem solver from your perspective.In line with these two, it is basically a reliable manufacturer of constant temperature and humidity test boxes.
In the constant temperature and humidity test box for refrigeration with freon compressor, it is often necessary to adjust the refrigerating capacity of the compressor due to the following conditions:
1. After the test box reaches the low-temperature constant temperature state, the thermal load is greatly reduced. At this time, if the refrigerating quantity of the evaporator is not correspondingly reduced, the heating power of balancing the excess refrigerating quantity will be relatively large, which will lead to the deterioration of the control quality and affect the index of temperature fluctuation and uniformity in the box.
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
2. When the temperature of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber needs to be constant near room temperature, if the compressor is not turned on, the temperature in the chamber will not be constant. If the compressor is turned on, then the excess refrigerating capacity will be maximum, because:
1. At a constant temperature near room temperature, the thermal load is the minimum, because the envelope has the least heat leakage and the test product needs the least amount of cooling.
2. When the constant temperature is near room temperature, the cooling capacity is greatly increased due to the large opening degree of expansion valve and high evaporation temperature.If the refrigerating capacity cannot be adjusted at this time, more heating power is needed to balance. If the heating power is reduced, the temperature will continue to decline.I plant the production of some small cryogenic box, there are users reflect, cooling rate, constant to the lowest temperature effect is very good, but near the room temperature, even can not have constant temperature 0 ℃ continues to fall, such as a - 70 ℃ constant temperature and humidity chamber, in the low evaporation temperature of refrigerating capacity is 600 w, the heating power is 1000 w, box temperature near the room temperature even when 0 ℃, the temperature is constant, the heating power 1400 w.

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