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Suzhou zhonglai photovoltaic PCT high pressure accelerated a

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We have purchased several PCT high pressure accelerated aging test boxes for hong jin instrument. The service reaction speed of hong jin instrument is very fast, and we have solved our problems carefully. The PCT high pressure accelerated aging test boxes produced by hong jin have made remarkable contributions to our quality control.
Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., ltd. was founded in March 2008 and successfully landed on the gem board (stock code: 300393) in September 2014. It is a leading enterprise in the global solar cell backplate industry and a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on advanced materials research and development and manufacturing in the photovoltaic field.The company has the leading solar cell backplate technology and the most complete combination product solution, may provide the reliable, the diversification product choice for the customer.The company's products and solutions have been applied in 8GW photovoltaic power station, serving more than 20 countries and regions in the world, which has been widely recognized by the industry.
The company attaches great importance to technology r&d investment and has a strong scientific research team. The photovoltaic film laboratory supported by the research backbone has been recognized by both TUV NORD and CNAS.At present, the company has obtained 48 authorized patents, including 14 invention patents and 34 utility model patents.In addition, the company's back panel research and industrialization technology of tetrafluorotype solar cells was awarded "annual photovoltaic material innovation award" in 2013 annual China new energy innovation driving conference and the second prize of jiangsu province science and technology progress.
Customers from 2013 for the first time buy our PCT high pressure after the accelerated aging test machine, similar to the frequency of a repeat buy from our company several times PCT high-pressure accelerated aging test machine, and also many times to the photovoltaic industry peers recommend our products, in this thanks again to share the leadership of the recognition of our products and encouragement!

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