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Wuhan university of technology constant temperature and humi

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Dongguan hongjin testing instrument co., ltd. has a very high cost performance for its constant temperature and humidity test boxes, which perfectly solve our problems. The constant temperature and humidity test boxes produced by hongjin have made remarkable contributions to our scientific research.What we want is this kind of test equipment with high cost performance. 
Wuhan university of technology is a national key university directly under the ministry of education and one of the first batch of universities listed in the state "project 211".
The school has three campuses, covering an area of more than 4,000 mu, with a total construction area of over 1.67 million square meters.The school has 5393 faculty and staff, including 3069 full-time teachers, 793 full professors and 1396 associate professors.Chinese academy of engineering 2 people, 1 of the Belgian Royal Academy of sciences, 1 of the Australian academy of engineering, sharing 3 academicians, 19 national "one thousand project", 1 "ten thousand plan", national "973 project" and important scientific research project's chief scientist, 2 people, cheung kong scholars (lectures) for young scholars of 10 people, the Yangtze river scholar, professor 2 people, 3 national teaching masters award winner, winner of national outstanding youth fund seven people, enjoy special government allowances of the state council, the provincial government special allowance experts such as 324.The university vigorously implements the internationalization strategy of talent team and the "15551" talent project, and employs 17 strategic scientists, 37 chief professors of the discipline, 21 special professors of production, education and research, 35 special professional responsibility professors, and 107 excellent teachers for teaching quality courses.
Its disciplines cover engineering, science, literature, management, economics, law, philosophy, history, education, medicine and art.There are 87 undergraduate majors, 2 first-level national key disciplines, 7 second-level national key disciplines, 1 national key (cultivation) discipline and 24 key disciplines in hubei province.There are 15 first-level doctor degree programs, 38 first-level master degree programs and 17 post-doctoral research centers.There are 15 professional master degree authorization categories and 39 professional master degree authorization fields.The school's four disciplines of materials, engineering, chemistry and physics enter the top 1% of the world ESI subject field.The university has over 37,000 undergraduate students, 16000 doctoral and master degree students (including part-time), and over 1100 foreign students.
Schools in the new materials, building materials, optical fiber sensing, new energy, transportation and logistics, electrical and automobile, information and resources and environment, and other fields with material composite state key laboratory of new technology, state key laboratory of silicate materials, optical fiber sensing technology national engineering laboratory, national water transport safety engineering technology research center and other 27 provincial level and above scientific research base.The university has established partnerships with more than 100 universities and research institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Australia, Russia and the Netherlands.More than 300 famous foreign scholars were invited to serve as guests and honorary professors of the school.Since 2007, the school has approved to establish the material compound new technology and advanced functional materials, high performance ship key technology, advanced new functional thin film materials preparation technology and application engineering innovation base and exchanging and three disciplines such as materials, new technology of composite international joint laboratories, environmental friendly building material international technology cooperation base and so on two international technology cooperation base.In 2009, the university established a joint laboratory of nanotechnology with Harvard University in the United States.In 2010, the joint laboratory for new energy materials technology was established with the university of Michigan.In 2011, I entered the strategic alliance of production, education and research of sino-us joint research center on clean energy.In 2012, it established the joint center for high performance ship technology with the university of Southampton in the UK and the joint laboratory for Internet of things technology with the university of calabria in Italy.In 2013, established the joint laboratory of concrete science and technology with the university of California, Berkeley in the United States, and established the joint laboratory of intelligent equipment with the university of Birmingham in the United Kingdom;In 2015, a joint research center for intelligent ships and transport was established with delft university of technology in the Netherlands, and a joint center for structural safety and integrity was established with brunel university in the UK.
In the past 10 years, the university has invested more than 5 billion yuan in scientific and technological research and development and achieved a large number of major technological achievements in independent innovation.Since 2010, the school has won 13 national science and technology awards as the first completed unit.In 2015, the university spent 748 million yuan on science and technology.The university has set up the science and technology park of wuhan university of technology, covering an area of 820 mu.In 2015, the sales revenue of the high-tech industry in the school reached 1.652 billion yuan.
Over the past 60 years, the school has produced nearly 500,000 graduates.The school adheres to the characteristic development path, maintains close contact with the three industries of building material construction, transportation and automobile, and has established three industry boards composed of 219 large backbone enterprises in the industry, which meet regularly every year to study the major issues of the interactive development between the school and the three industries.
Wuhan university of technology, more than 60 years education practice, formed the "educational and academic first" educational philosophy, made "thick DE erudition, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of university, for the society to cultivate a generation after generation with wisdom leads the life, the pursuit of excellence and outstanding ability, leading the three industries and regional development of outstanding talent."Building an excellent university that is satisfied by the people and admired by the people" has become the university's lofty ideal and core value pursuit, which will inspire generation after generation of people from wuhan university of technology to make unremitting efforts for it.
After communicating with our technical staff for many times, the scientific research personnel of the school agreed that the performance indicators of our constant temperature and humidity test box were in a leading position in the industry, and finally reached the cooperation intention with our company. Now the equipment has been delivered for use.I would like to thank the leaders of polytechnic for their recognition of our products.

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