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Dongguan institute of technology purchased our xenon lamp ag

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     Dongguan institute of technology is the first ordinary undergraduate college in dongguan, guangdong province, jointly built by the city, dominated by the city, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Yang zhenning as honorary President.
School organized in 1990, 4 menstrual approved by the state education commission was established in 1992, the approval of the ministry of education changed to March 2002 undergraduate full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning, in May 2006 approved to become a bachelor's degree awarding units, in May 2008 to participate in the work of the ministry of education undergraduate teaching assessment in advance and with good grades through, in June 2010 with 61 universities including tsinghua university for the ministry of education approved the first batch of colleges and universities education "outstanding engineers training plan" to implement, in August 2010, is approved as new units granting master's degrees in guangdong province of the construction of the project,In 2012, it was approved as "guangdong international scientific and technological cooperation base".In July 2015, three first-level subjects, namely chemical engineering and technology, computer science and technology, and electronic science and technology, were granted the right of review by associate professors of institutions of higher learning.In September 2015, it was confirmed as the first batch of provincial and municipal construction units of high-level science and engineering universities.
As of October 2016, the school has two campuses, namely songshan lake and donggucheng. Songshan lake campus covers an area of 1870 mu and guancheng campus covers an area of more than 340 mu.The school has 1,153 teaching and administrative staff.There are 19,500 regular full-time students and 7,670 adult education students.
After visiting our company and discussing with technicians, Mr. Zheng of the institute of technology fully affirmed our company's product quality and technical characteristics. On the spot, he decided that our company should provide xenon lamp aging test box for the special equipment for the photoaging test in the college experiment.Thank you for Mr. Zheng's approval of our products.
Xenon lamp aging test chamber

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