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The school of materials, Beijing university of technology pu

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College of Beijing university of technology institute of materials science and engineering institute (hereinafter referred to as materials) was formally established in 1997, after school operating mechanism and organization system of a series of reform, is now under environmental materials and technology research institute, institute of functional materials and devices, materials processing technology research institute, college experimental teaching center, college of engineering test center and the school office.The college offers one undergraduate major in materials science and engineering, three master degree programs in materials science, materials physics and chemistry, and materials processing engineering.With material science national key disciplines, materials science and engineering level key discipline of Beijing and the ministry of education "cheung kong scholars programme" distinguished professor, distinguished professor of Beijing job, the ministry of education key laboratory of new functional materials, materials science and engineering of Beijing talent training base, the environment friendly new materials technology engineering research center of institutions of higher learning in Beijing.In electronic information, environment and energy, urban construction and national defense in the fields of functional and structural materials research, preparation and forming processing and application development as the main body, combined with the economic and social development needs, attaches great importance to the coordinated development of material and energy resources and environment, established the obvious advantages of the material environment coordination appraisal and energy conservation and emissions reduction, new light alloy materials, refractory metals and rare earth magnetic materials, photoelectric functional materials and energy-saving anti-fouling, green connection material applied science and engineering science and structure of evaluation subject research direction,It has formed the school-running characteristics of cultivating, scientific research and technological development of various kinds of materials, which are dominated by environment-friendly.
-- in 2010, the college enrolled 77 undergraduate students, 102 graduate students and 18 doctoral students.There are 90 undergraduates, 96 master's degree students, 20 doctoral degree students and 5 engineering masters.Currently, there are 337 undergraduates, 300 master candidates and 67 doctoral candidates.In 2010, there were 128 active faculty and staff members, 2 academicians (1 part-time member), 18 doctoral supervisors (2 part-time members), 32 full and high professional titles, and 50 deputy high professional titles.4 new teachers, 1 post doctor, 2 retired;Invited more than 20 distinguished scholars from domestic and foreign universities and research institutes as guest professors.
- college around "to create characteristic disciplines and to cultivate practical talents", in order to graduate and high level training as the core, the undergraduate training practical engineering talents as the goal, implement the "thick foundation, heavy characteristic" of professional personnel training and education teaching strategy, set up the level 1 discipline of public basic course, public module class specialized fundamental course and direction of the "three-step" course teaching system, build formed an integrated undergraduate and master, doctor graduate students teaching the complete education system.

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